Our consultants worked on a client’s project which helped the client to design process/application to provide a single source of trusted loss sharing data by building loss sharing database/process and manage the loss sharing data as ongoing operations.

Our experience:

Consolidated various work stream to handlecalculation; Accrued Interest calculation; Trouble Debt Restructuring (TDR) Process; Stopped Interest Report; MF Credit Accounting data upload; Consolidation of inputs to Loss Allowance Model; MBS Disclosure Process ; Disclosures for Impaired loans etc. MF REO-Loss Allowance work stream was responsible for deriving multifamily allowance estimate, restatement for charge off accounts, and providing accounting standards for impairments for all trouble debt restructured loans.

Identifying the most homogenous, standardized set of multifamily transactions that are well suited for hedge accounting.Application supported client’s effort for implementing FAS 133 fair value hedge accounting by identifying the multifamily loans eligible for hedge accounting.

Identifying data issues in source systems that could have caused incorrect Fair Value In financial reports Identified data/logic issues in the application that could have resulted in overbooking FAS 114 reserve amount in a given quarter.

Designed application may help to trim down the need of manual Ad-hoc analysis being performed by various MF divisions and hence help better utilize time and resources of the company.

Streamlining SOX process flows, change management processes and successfully developed applications which can save time during close process for financial reporting.



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